November 26th 2022.
I bought the Raspberry Pi PICO W today. I think I need to spend more time figuring it out, and also to look at the pieces as part of a whole, that whole. But the pieces are also daunting. I feel that as soon as I dig into things, it just becomes too confusing to me. So I try to deconstruct but in a way that does not confuse me, or make me feel stupid and ignorant. There is a certain technical vibe in all this - it is not Meant to be elitist, but there is that elitist vibe. It is very strange; I can't quite put my finger on it. There is the sense that the technology is mocking me. But it is doing so in a way which is very different from - for instance - learning a new language. Being so new to this stuff, now, at the age of 44 as of the time of this writing... I think the feeling is just very different from if I tried to learn Japanese. But is this just my assumption? Or is this fact? Can I compare the process of learning Japanese to the process of learning Pico? Or to learn MicroPython? I don't know. I just know that.... hmmm. Well. I am all in favour of experimenting, but I lose interest if I do not feel some sense of growth in the area. If I lose confidence that this is worth my time. It's not as if I think "I will not be able to learn this", but rather the question becomes "Is this worth my time (now)?". I spent several hours on my Saturday night trying to get the Pico to work. It was a very strange set of errors that I got. And the explanation when I googled the error message made no sense to me. It was a technical term, and the person who had asked the question responded to the answer by another man "Ohhh, right. How stupid of me" or something similar. And I just felt like, well, indirectly I am being told that I am also stupid, that I should just grok this. But such is the feeling also when learning another language, isn't it? Or what IS the difference here?

Nov 27th 2022.
Day 2. Well sort of. I played around with the Pico on my 3rd computer, which has windows on it. I had problems with either this or that with my other machines.

1: My primary computer is a M1 Macbook Air. This is also the machine where I have the comfortable mouse, keyboard, and big monitor. But the computer is using the latest Mac OS version. And that does not work with Raspberry Pi PICO W so well. (Source)