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In 1998, I first started a website. It was a very simple html website, just like this. Handcoded with stuff.
Years later, I started using Wordpress, and it was no longer a simple website. I gained something, yes; a ton of functionality. But I also lost something. I lost control over my own code. I had no simple .html file that pointed to other resources. Instead, I had a database, php, this and that; and they were things that could go wrong. And often, they did go wrong. Or I went wrong: I went into a habit of not paying attention. Of not keeping the hackers properly at bay. And the spammers. And I were blinded by the shinyness of the functionality of the wordpress; ze eternal wordpress. But at the end, I lost it. I lost it all. I did not have a functioning wordpress installation anymore. I did not have a website that I could control anymore. Neither fish nor bird. So here I am. It is November 25th 2022. I am 24 years older than I was in 1998. Am I 24 years more wise? That is to be seen. But I have experienced a lot, yes.

Who am I? I am Raymond, and rmnd.org is one of my websites, domains. My current "main domain" is DLTQ.org, where I have my own mastodon instance. Well. I sort of have it; someone else installed it for me, and I don't know jack shit about what is hiding under the hood of that ubuntu server installation. So I am 44 years old now, and I am getting into that.

I explore tools, and I write. And this website will later be bigger. But now it is quite small. //Raymond

Hand-coded website purism. To be a html purist. No database. No php. No fancy fonts. Maybe I will find fonts later to use, as a purist html website junkie. But that is for another hour. Today, now, this is November 25th 2022. And this is when I write this sentence. And I might write something else tomorrow, or next month, or in a decade. I have used Twitter for a long time, I am still there, but I am mostly on Mastodon these days, where I have my own little instance.

Line shifts, breaks, italics, bold. That I can do. And lots of text I can do; a wall of text without structure. Or a picture with hidden hotspots in it. I remember that I did that in 1998. Or was it later? Anyway. A picture of a tower with windows. And one of those windows went one place, and another window went anotehr. Any fool could just go through the view source code, and take it all in from there. Yessiree.

What is a html website like in 2022? Not 1998, but 2022. Did html develop in those 24 years? Did I?

In my memory, I am sitting there, in Bergen. I have my own student.uib.no little corner; my public website part of my student account. I started playing around with it. And more. And then I went to american-owned solutions. In 2000 it was LiveJournal, then other solutions later on, and from 2005 my own wordpress.org installation on dltq.org
Which did not quite work as I hoped for, in the long run. Why? My own lack of experience, understanding, skillz. Skill level.

It all comes flooding back now. In late November 2022. The 1998 feelings. And the feeling that there was something I was missing. Always this emotion was there, in the middle of it all. That I was missing out. I was lacking some fundamental understanding.

This is written with Comic Sans. Possibly maybe.

This is written with Courier New. Possibly maybe.

This is a paragraph.

I am now at 41 lines in this html document. 41 lines and no kinder eggs to keep me company. Ok, here is the code to let Mastodon know at dltq.org that I am me, I am the rmnd.org person at least. Whether you then wish to trust me, that is a very different beast. Link with code:

Well, I am here. Or there.


Today is November 26th 2022. This website will hardly become a blog, with sequential updates going back in time as you scroll down. But sometimes I will mention time when I am writing here. Because rmnd.org is ... well. It is all a drill - so I keep drilling, wherever I am in living or life at that stage.

But since this is not a blog, this also means that this site, rmnd.org, will have stuff edited also further up, towards the top, and I will work on creating a public phase / face there that will work over time. Facts about Raymond
44 years old, father of a 11 year old boy that stays with Raymond during the week, and is most weekends with mother. Lives in Oslo, Norway. Works as a project manager in a large organization. Has been online since 1994, and then mostly was interested in MUDding.

Project pages

  • My Raspberry Pi Pico project page is here. Or, well, project page is not quite what it is. You will see.

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  • This guy is liking openAI chat a lot :)
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    This is a drill